The College of Startups is designed to provide a unique platform that synthesizes knowledge towards practical uses so that the central idea driving the innovation of the startup is enhanced and empowered. While The College of Startups also provides all that an accelerator does, it is far more than just an accelerator.

All selected participants will be Fully funded by The College of Startups

All innovation enthusiasts are invited to apply, however, preference will be given to those who have taken 'The Idea of a Startup' learning programme offered by The Internet College. This ensures that the idea is well developed and ready for moving on to the further stages of the journey like product development.

The uniqueness comes from the added dimension of a flowing knowledge environment that not only sharpens all aspects of the regular accelerator, such as marketing, planning financial strategies, evolving day-to-day management techniques and raising venture funds, but also adds fresh inputs in terms of innovation and connections to knowledge sources for derivative innovations. There is an engineering kitchen for all kinds of play and The Internet College is a true sister institution that shall provide connections and insights.

Selected Startups will go to Imperial College, London for month-long training,

All expenses paid!